Ideal Client Requirements

You are the right client for this work if...


  1. You read this website and feel relieved to have found me.
  2. You have a history of shame around having desires, claiming your desires, and living your truth.
  3. You don't know how to negotiate well- you either end up getting stepped on like a doormat (boundaries neglected), or you operate as a dominant because it's all the language tools you have. There is a constant push/pull top/bottom dynamic in your relationships that you find exhausting.
  4. You deeply desire a life that celebrates your feminine artistry.
  5. You have a desire to express your artistry with everything you do and you want create a context for your life that honors your full creative expression.
  6. You want to feel powerful and evolved in your Yin energy. You already have very strong Yang/masculine energy and it feels imbalanced.
  7. You are open, ready, and willing to surrender to this work.
  8. You see a reflection of your own wisdom,gifts, and expertise in me and feel we are cut from the same cloth.
  9. You understand the power of the body/spirit/mind connection,  and you see the value in having more clear intuition.
  10. You want to be solid in your feminine dynamic - and bring your Whole Self to the table.
  11. You are engaged in your life- you are handling your business and have the capacity/willingness to lean in and show up for the next level of awesomeness.