Jena La Flamme Interview

Leader of the Pleasurable Weight loss Movement Shares about her Custom Designed Ritual with Emily.

The Numinous

Founder, Ruby Warrington, shares the elements of her Custom Designed Ritual with Emily and how she called in The Numinous.

We planted seeds for the new moon by creating an altar. Each person went down one by one, with a white flower around their neck so they felt supported by the group, and placed their “gift” on the altar. (I brought) lipstick because whenever I put on bold lips it brings out the sass and I want every one of our educators to feel that confidence in themselves...
— LuluLemon, London

Receive Everything

An Intro to Emily's unique 3 pronged system to achieving Body/Mind/Spirit wellness which is key to having the life you want most.

Ritual for Ballet Star Elizabeth Corbett

Custom Designed Ritual for Ballet Star Elizabeth Corbett jump-started and reignited both her career and her personal love life.

Ritual For the City of Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Ritual For the City Press Release

Custom Designed Ritual with Emily commissioned by the Dutch City of Eindhoven to reinvent and re-brand a local industrial park from the inside out. Results includes new relationships, new production lines, and new flex ways of using the space.